Wildfires and Climate Change: What can be done after the fire?

Wildfires and Climate Change

Addressing climate change requires actively managing forests to maintain the healthy, growing trees needed to remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Healthy Forests | HealthyForests.org | December 7th, 2021 It is estimated the average tree takes in 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives off roughly a pound of oxygen for every pound of […]

Cooperation is essential to handle the wildfire problem, panel says

Backbone Fire

“When it comes to wildfire, boundaries don’t mean much, and there really needs to be close cooperation among private landowners, tribal governments, state land owners and the federal government,” David Hayes By Ron Dungan Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 | fronterasdesk.org Federal agencies and other groups frequently cooperate on fighting wildfires. The Aspen Institute and Nature […]

Thinning forests alone helps reduce wildfire risk, Oregon researchers say

Forest Thinning

Researchers compared thinned stands of trees with un-thinned control stands and used computer modeling to predict the behavior of future fires. Author: Keely Chalmers (KGW) Published: 11:02 AM PDT September 29, 2021 Updated: 2:59 PM PDT September 29, 2021 PORTLAND, Oregon — Scientists forecast massive wildfires like the ones that burned in Oregon last year will only get bigger and worse. […]