Forest Service to plant more than 1 billion trees in wake of fires, insect infestations

The Biden administration wants the government to plant more than a billion trees across millions of acres of burned and dead woodlands as officials struggle to counter climate change’s increasing toll on the nation’s forest MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press | | Jul 26, 2022 BILLINGS, Mont. — The Biden administration on Monday said the […]

How Active Stewardship Could Protect California’s Forests from Extreme Wildfire

Even small fires now can pose threats to life and property. Are we in a new phase of climate change? Sarah Bardeen | | JUNE 6, 2022 UC Berkeley professor Scott Stephens, a member of the PPIC Water Policy Center research network, has spent over 30 years studying wildfire in California. He spoke with us recently […]

Biden forestry effort marks dramatic shift in fire prevention  

Biden forestry effort marks dramatic shift in fire prevention

President Biden’s multibillion-dollar commitment to wildfire prevention — announced on Tuesday — marks a dramatic shift in the federal approach toward forests, but experts argue that this investment may only scratch the surface of what’s needed.   BY SAUL ELBEIN || 01/20/22 The administration’s 10-year proposal aims to cut the incidence of destructive wildfires by doubling the level […]