CHF supports legislative efforts to modernize and update management policies for our Federal Forest Lands. Over the last several decades conditions on the land have changed. 

An unhealthy and un-natural buildup of combustible fuels combined with extended drought conditions, resulting from a warming trend in our global climate, have resulted in an increasing number of large, destructive fires on our Federal Forest Lands. 

It’s critical that our management policies reflect these changing conditions and provide opportunities to implement the structural changes that will result in a healthier, more resilient forest landscape.

To that end, CHF is committed to

  • remaining in touch with lawmakers regarding current and pending legislation
  • connecting with new lawmakers across the country to expand the CHF network
  • provide input and information to decision makers regarding the benefits of forest management
  • connecting the public with resources and updates on effective forest management practices through letters to editors, blog posts, newsletters, social media, advertising and more
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