Forest Management

Forest management includes what happens before, during, and after a fire. 

By applying accepted scientific management measures including prescribed burning, thinning overstocked stands of timber, increased logging, and post fire removal of dead and dying trees we can create healthier, more fire resilient conditions on our Federal Forest Lands.

CHF breaks forest management into the following topics:

  • Fuels Mitigation
  • Hazard Reduction
  • Road Access to Public Lands
  • Maintaining Fire Breaks
  • Thinning
  • Salvage
    • Post Fire Salvage
  • Reforestation
Did You Know The Difference Between Good Fire and Bad Fire?
Forest Management

‘This is a crisis’

COEUR d’ALENE – U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says it’s not a question of if western forests will burn, “but a matter of where and

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Forest Management

Do Forest Fuel Treatments Work?

It is remarkable that despite decades of on-the-ground evidence, and volumes of scientific reviews, there still remains opposition to fuel treatments for creating fire resistant

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Forest Management

Addressing Proforestation on Public Lands

Proforestation is a recent preservationist movement that seeks to ban timber harvesting, logging, and active forest management —including prescribed fire and other wildfire mitigation activities—on

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