CHF strongly supports more aggressive efforts to suppress and extinguish fire starts on Federal Forest Lands before they grow out of control. With a change in policy regarding initial attack, not all, but many major fires on Federal lands could have been extinguished before becoming large, catastrophic wildfires. 

CHF believes that consistent firefighting policies between all Federal Agencies, with input and participation from neighboring private landowners can help reduce the size, severity, and impacts of future fires on our Federal Forest Lands.

Did You Know Most Oregonians Want to See Management of our Federal Forests. Click the image to see our survey.

California’s $1.5 Billion to Stop Worst Wildfires

As our climate has been changing, especially over the last 20 years, California recently approved new climate spending that will allocate a total of $15 billion toward fighting climate change. Out of that money, $1.5 billion is slated to help wildfire prevention over the next three years. The top item of concern is thinning out our forests. Grants are also expected to help private land owners and local cities.

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