Greetings from the Land of 500+ AQI: We’re Holding Our Breath Out Here

My family and I went to the coast Sunday for one reason: To escape the choking smoke in the air. Brian Prawitz, for CHF | August 31, 2023 My wife’s perpetual smoke induced headache and the depressing, oppressing cloud literally hanging over us was just too much. If even for a few hours, the idea […]

Catastrophic wildfires threaten clean and healthy environment

The forests that our federal and state governments manage are sending hundreds of millions of tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere as they burn each year. KENDALL COTTON | | Jun 18, 2023 Forest fire season is underway in B.C. (Chris Harris/Getty Images) Even D.C. politicians are now choking under the smoke-filled air that […]

Worsening Wildfire Smoke Requires a More Proactive Approach

The U.S. has recently experienced some of its worst wildfire seasons on record, creating unhealthy smoke that affected tens of millions of Americans. Physical health effects from wildfire smoke exposure can range from breathing difficulties to heart failure. Certain populations—including children and older adults—are at higher risk from these effects. Wildfire smoke can also affect […]

DNR Hiring Nearly 60 Permanent Positions Focused on Forest Health

Year-round positions are result of increased investments in firefighting NOVEMBER 9, 2022 The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is actively recruiting for year-round fire positions to expand wildfire response capacity throughout the state. DNR is hiring for a diverse array of firefighting positions, including hand crew and heavy equipment operators. In the […]

DTO REPORT: A Growing Sea of Snags

DTO released a report we commissioned by Bob Zybach, entitled “A Growing Sea of Snags.”The report looks primarily at the federal-vs-private response to the Archie Creek Fire aftermath and places salvage/reforestation into the context of historic fire patterns in western Oregon. They have issued a press release that summarizes the basic findings/recommendations of the report: […]

New wildfire risk map has implications for Oregon homeowners

Approximately 80,000 Oregon homes and other buildings are in areas of high or extreme wildfire risk. Oregon Public Broadcasting | By Julie Sabatier | Published July 1, 2022 at 3:51 PM PDT Approximately 80,000 Oregon homes and other buildings are in areas of high or extreme wildfire risk. That’s according to a new map the Oregon Department of Forestry released Thursday. […]

Air quality impacts of Northwest wildfires reach as far as New York

Forget apples, hipsters and microbrews — the Pacific Northwest may soon be known for supplying something else to the rest of the country: smoke from wildfires. By Anushuya Thapa InvestigateWest | | Jun 4, 2022 A new study by the National Center for Atmospheric Research concluded that the air quality of the Pacific Northwest […]