The Canopy | August 2022

Outflanking Fire With Common Sense | By Melvin Thornton
Are we “Protecting” our Forests to Death? | By Dale Pospisil

Pacific Power Wildfire Mitigation

Most people don’t think about fire danger, or preparing for fire season, until summertime temperatures arrive. Fortunately, an entire division of professionals at Pacific Power, a division of PacifiCorp, are focusing on wildfire prevention.  Staff Writer | Communities for Healthy Forests | July 29th, 2022 Wildfire mitigation is one of the main reasons PacifiCorp has […]

USDA launches five-year, $1B Community Wildfire Defense Grant program

Drawing on funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that $1 billion is now being offered through the Community Wildfire Defense Grant program to assist at-risk communities. Chris Galford | | Thursday, July 28, 2022 “Insight and guidance from the communities most at risk for catastrophic wildfires helps […]

FACT SHEET: The Biden-⁠Harris Administration Continues Efforts to Address Growing Wildfire Threat

BRIEFING ROOM | | JULY 28, 2022 President Biden has directed his Cabinet officials, White House Homeland Security team, and the National Climate Task Force to build on his 2021 wildfire initiatives this year by ensuring wildfire prevention, preparedness, and response is a top priority, and bringing a whole-of-government approach to increasing our Nation’s resilience to […]


Natural reforestation can occur in some situations such as fires of lower severity where live “seed trees” remain in the mosaic or there remain viable seeds in the seed bed. But where burns are severe, and all the trees are killed, tree crowns are burned, and seeds in the soil are burned, leaving no seed […]

Why Communities For Healthy Forests Supports Salvage Logging on Public Lands 

Salvage logging followed by reforestation increases the probability that our forests remain as forests after the fires are out. By CHF Board Member Mark Buckbee | Communities For Healthy Forests | July 27th, 2022 Communities For Healthy Forests supports post-fire salvage logging on public forestlands. After wildfires, forests on public lands are evaluated for salvage logging. […]

Forest Service to plant more than 1 billion trees in wake of fires, insect infestations

The Biden administration wants the government to plant more than a billion trees across millions of acres of burned and dead woodlands as officials struggle to counter climate change’s increasing toll on the nation’s forest MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press | | Jul 26, 2022 BILLINGS, Mont. — The Biden administration on Monday said the […]

UCC Forestry Student Alumni 3-Peat in OSU Award Recognition

ROSEBURG, Ore., July 1, 2022 — Umpqua Community College transfer student Justin Helgren, from Elkton, received the Oregon State University Forestry Program Harold Bowerman Leadership Award. This marks three years in a row that UCC students have been recognized in the OSU annual forestry award program. Last year, Ashley Backen was the Outstanding Forestry Student of the […]

To Save Sequoias from Wildfire, We Must Save Them from Ourselves

Once thought to be basically immortal, sequoias are now dying in droves as fires burn bigger, hotter, and longer than any other point in human history. Protecting them is possible, but managing western woods is a Pandora’s box of tough choices. KYLE DICKMAN | | Jul 13, 2022 It’s not like my family actually […]

Burn severity explained

Shovel Creek: an example of burn severity assessment and ecology in interior Alaska Zav Grabinski, Alaska Fire Science Consortium | |Chris Smith, Geographic Information Network of Alaska Wildfire is a natural process that shapes the landscape of Alaska In 2019, the Shovel Creek Fire grew rapidly and threatened nearby neighborhoods north of Fairbanks. The […]