Studies show prescribed burns key to forest resiliency

Scientists are studying old wildfires to find what forest treatments slowed the flames – and what treatments didn’t work so well. Researchers are looking closely at the Schneider Springs fire, the largest wildfire in Washington in 2021. NWNews | By Courtney Flatt | Published November 18, 2022 at 4:15 PM PST Scientists discovered one type of treatment […]


A new set of degree programs at the University of Idaho seeks to attract and educate young workers in the fields of logging and forest management. By Dawn Killough | | 11/10/2022 The three new associate degree programs will prepare students for jobs in fire mitigation, forestry operations, and nursery management. The programs combine online […]

DNR Hiring Nearly 60 Permanent Positions Focused on Forest Health

Year-round positions are result of increased investments in firefighting NOVEMBER 9, 2022 The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is actively recruiting for year-round fire positions to expand wildfire response capacity throughout the state. DNR is hiring for a diverse array of firefighting positions, including hand crew and heavy equipment operators. In the […]

Biochar Benefits Studies in the Blackfoot Valley

GOLD CREEK Emerging technology and forest product utilization was the focus of the forest tour in the Gold Creek area Oct. 25.  Jean Pocha | Pathfinder Correspondent | 11/10/2022 More than two dozen people observed the Tigercat Carbonator 6050 make biochar out of slash piles as part of forest thinning and fuels reduction work done […]

The Canopy | October 2022

Thank you for visiting the Communities for Healthy Forests newsletter, “The Canopy”. The October edition features articles “Senator Wyden:Please Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” By Lee Paterson and “Thinning and Prescribed Fire are Critical Tools for Wildfire Risk Reduction,” By Mark Buckbee. Happy reading.

Life of a Snag 

A snag is a dead tree that is still standing. Snags come in all sizes and occur in all species. The Douglas Fir snag is of particular interest as it is the tree that occupies the majority of the timbered regions in western Oregon.   BY Melvin Thornton | Communities For Healthy Forests | 9/16/2022 The changes […]

The Impact of CHF Forestry Tours

Lifetime forester Javier Goirigolzarri leads forestry tours where community members get off the beaten path and into areas where fire has impacted the landscape. Javier’s passion for education and forestry is obvious as he immerses members of the tour into the story of what happens to the forest after fire.